Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A few posts back I mentioned Elizabeth Bathory and how I preferred DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS to other cinematic interpretations of her story. I'm also fond of Jorge Grau's THE LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE (1973), a Spanish film that--unless I've missed something--has yet to have a decent release on DVD. This film would seem like a natural fit into the catalog of Severin, which has released some excellent Eurocult DVDs recently. THE LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE proves that Grau's THE LIVING DEAD OF MANCHESTER MORGUE--one of the best post-NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD movies--was no fluke.
This is a film that is just aching for re-discovery.

In the meantime, I have high hopes for Julie Delphy's THE COUNTESS, which we should see in the near future. Maybe that film's successful run will revive some interest in Grau's film. I can hope, can't I?

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