Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lucy Clifford's "The New Mother"

I just read an old posting at "Lucy Clifford News" about a stage production of her Victorian horror story, "The New Mother," which first appeared in Montreal and went on to Cleveland. I'd love an opportunity to see this production since the story itself is so odd and chilling. It involves a pair of children, Blue Eyes and Turkey, who live in the woods with their mother and a baby sibling. During a trip into the nearby village, they come upon a "wild-looking girl," who offers them a glimpse of the tiny people living in her peardrum--but only if they promise to misbehave at home. Naturally, the children carry out the promise, but the girl insists on greater and greater misdeeds before she will make good on her promise. In the meantime, the mother tells Blue Eyes and Turkey that their misbehavior will lead to her departure and the arrival of a "new mother." She describes the horrific features of this new mother for the children, but they still misbehave, leading to a creepy climax.

Read the story here and see if you agree that a stage production would be something to see indeed. I've browsed the web to see if I can find stills of the "new mother," but no such luck so far.

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