Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another great Naschy poster: EMPUSA

The poster art from COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE posted below led me to reflect on the generally sorry state of movie poster art today. With the development of the Internet, it seems as though a poster does not play the same role in selling a movie that it once did, and hence, artistry in this area has declined overall. I do, however, love the poster art promoting EMPUSA, Paul Naschy's new vampire film, so I'm posting it here and directing people to check out Mirek Lipinski's excellent blog on the film, which you can find here. The film doesn't have a distributer yet, but I'm looking forward to eventually seeing it.

The image of Naschy with the flowing hair and crossbow calls VAN HELSING to mind, but honestly, who would win that fight? Hugh Jackman? Please. Give me Naschy any day.

I'll be cutting out for about a week and a half for a family vacation, but I'll leave everyone with an image that always comes to mind when the subject of horror movie posters comes up. This poster, promoting Lucio Fulci's THE GATES OF HELL, is my all-time favorite, and it haunted me when I first came across it in newspaper advertisements when I was 10. Not old enough to see the movie then, I had to wait several years, and while movies often under-deliver on what the poster promises, I was pleased to find that the movie was everything that my 10-year old imagination envisioned.


Fred said...

I too love that poster. Unlike most films, Fulci's often surpassed what the poster only gave a glimpse of. With most horror movies it was the other way around.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to stumble upon another Werewolf Shadow fan. Riverside drive-in in PA is showing it (under the title The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman) on the big screen this September- I doubt you're devoted enough to travel up from Florida but as a New Yorker I'll definitely be attending.

The Headless Werewolf said...

Man, I'd love to make that trip, but while devotion is one thing, gas prices are another. I hope you enjoy it!