Friday, April 24, 2009

C. Michael Cook's "Unspeakable" Story

Yeah, I know we're not supposed to evaluate a book based on its cover, but how can anyone resist that above image of UNSPEAKABLE HORROR, an anthology of gay-themed horror edited by Vince A. Liaguno and Chad Helder? Looking beyond the cover, the book contains excellent stories by well-known names within contemporary horror literature, including Scott Nicholson, Sarah Langan, and Kealan Patrick Burke. The story that stopped me dead in my tracks, however, was "The Boys of Bald Hill" by C. Michael Cook, which alone makes the anthology worth picking up. The story involves a boy who explores his sexual identity with a friend in a fenced-off cave, resulting in some devastatingly gruesome events. I have not renewed my membership in the HWA in a few years, but I sincerely hope that someone gives Cook a Stoker nod.

UPDATE: According to Vince Liaguno's blog, Slasherspeak, the book was in fact nominated for a Stoker in the anthology category. Congratulations Vince!

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C. Michael Cook said...

I simply do not Google myself often enough. If I did, I would have noticed your kind words about my story in "Unspeakable Horror" and thanked you for them earlier.

So glad you enjoyed the story, and the others in the anthology, as well. As you probably know, it went on to win Best Anthology at that year's Stokers, an accomplishment that editors Vince Liagano and Chad Helder richly deserve.

Thanks again for your review -- glad it had the intended effect.

C. Michael Cook