Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waiter, There's a Zombie in My Literature

Variety is reporting that Will Clark will direct PRIDE AND PREDATOR, a film that will pit Jane Austen's marriage-obsessed characters against a monster-alien of some sort. My favorite line from the piece comes from one of the film's producers, who says, "It felt like a fresh and funny way to blow apart the done-to-death Jane Austen genre by literally dropping this alien into the middle of a costume drama, where he stalks and slashes to horrific effect." Like, the stalk and slash formula isn't "done to death" too? It's unclear to me what sort of relationship this film has to Seth Grahame-Smith's soon-to-be released collaboration with Jane Austen, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES. Is the "predator" in the title of the film an allusion to some kind of zombie, or are these projects unrelated?

Whatever the case, if Grahame-Smith can do it, why can't I? Thus, I now humbly offer my own collaboration with William Carlos Williams, a "zombied" revision of "This Is Just to Say":

This is Just to Say

I have released
the zombies
that were in
the basement

and which
you were probably
for the apocalypse

Forgive me
you were delicious
so tender
and so warm


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